Cocomo at the end of the year

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POSTED: December 28, 2012

In January Ray Ozzie finally made his next move, after leaving Microsoft in 2010. He announced that he was starting Cocomo, a new venture that, as CNet pointed out, began advertising for employees by stating that

A new day has dawned as it relates to how we might interact with one another, and a handful of us are just starting work on a new communications product for this new world. We’ve got huge goals, pragmatic plans, and a sense of urgency. We aspire to deliver compelling tools for social interaction that people will use, value and love.

I was interested in this because I remember beta-testing Groove, his pioneering cloud-based networking, groupware thing.

Since January 5th the company has been in stealth mode, and little or nothing has been made public. All that Ray Ozzie has said is that it will involve “cloud-based backends, phones, pads and so on on the front end” and that it will be about “what we’d call social productivity, but in the past was called groupware or cooperative work. I like envisioning tools for new environments that let people do things in ways that are more fun, more productivity.”

Since we have come to the end of the year, I looked at Cocomo’s web site again.

The complete front page one year later

It still has the same, minimalist one page design that it had ten months ago. In my opinion (whatever that’s worth), it is a neat design for a company claiming to be operating in stealth mode, that hints at a kind of retro-futurism. I wait with slightly bated breath…