Sunday, January 20

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Uiskotie, 11:45


At 9:00 Irma got up to collect Auo because Roosa had to go to football training. At 9:30 she went back to bed.

The sun is bright, although the weather is cold, and I am out for a walk, looking at the trees and bushes. It is remarkably quiet. Very few people are out, and the snow is deadening what little sound there is.

When I get home Irma will be up again and we will have a very late breakfast.

Irma will spend most of the afternoon and evening uploading photographs to Facebook and elsewhere, and I will finally succumb and download Instagram. Irma will be horrified by a mutated photogaph that I upload as a profle picture and insist that I remove it.

I will, albeit somewhet reluctantly, since it was mildly amusing at most. I eill have a shower, and the three of us will go to bed early.