Saturday, January 19

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Vartiokylä, 15:00


We got up to an outside temperature of minus twenty and a bright blue, cloudless sky. After breakfast Irma took Naa to the metro. She is spending the weekend at Roosa’s, celebrating her eighteenth birthday.

We spent the afternoon laughing and cleaning. We found a lot of dust hidden in corners. We also put up a wall panel Irma had bought in Kerala.

I have spent a couple of hours helping Auo with the research for her project about ancient Egypt. Now Auo has pointed out that the sky is turning pink and I am outside having a look. I will go back in and carry on researching, which will involve introducing her to Wilson, Betty and Kepple. She will find the idea that anyone ever found them entertaining completely baffling.

At 18:00, after a detour to Prisma, we will deliver Auo to her friend Roosa’s house, where she is having a sleepover.

We will visit Irma’s mother to install a mokkula. This will take nearly two hours since her nrother Heikki has locked down the computer for no sensible reason at all.

Eventually, mokkula installed, we will sit in an unprecedentedly quiet home drinking wine and eating cheese.