Monday, December 31

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Beach Road, Kovalam, 14:00


We had the usual morning routine: I got up at 7:00 and started writing; Auo got up an hour or so later and sat in the swing and read; and Irma and Naa appeared about 10:00.

For me breakfast was Kelloggs Corn Flakes with real banana puree and flakes, with a lot of chilled fresh papaya and milk. For the others it was toast and yoghurt.

At 13:00 Irma and I got a tuk-tuk to Divine Super Market. From there we walked down Beach Road looking for an ayurvedic centre that Irma had spotted a couple of days ago. We are almost there, after walking past some astonishing rock formations.

We will buy herbal toothpaste and more and then walk back to Divine Super Market where we will buy groceries. The tuk-tuk home will be an adventure with a confused driver and a interesting geography lesson.

At 18:30 we will walk to Leo’s for our New Year meal. We will eat pappadoms, followed by pakora. After a pause we will all have seer fish steaks, none of which will be very spicy (which will seem disappointing at the time but might well be better in the long run). Finally we will have chocolate pancakes and ice cream or, in my case, banana fritters and chocolate ice cream.

At midnight we will watch the fireworks. When we get home a dog will follow us into the yard and into the house. It will sit with us, refuse food, and leave. When we lock the gate it will jump over the wall and repeat everything almost exactly. It was very friendly and made no sound at all.