Tuesday, December 25

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Leo's Restaurant, 19:30


We got up late again and exchanged gifts. Luke broight us an astoundingly apposite set of presents, mainly from a junk shop in Mumbai. Auo was absolutely thrilled with her 19th century nautical telescope, compass and sundial!

In the early afternoon the adults walked right along the beach, buying some small gifts for Kari, whom we have never met. We left Luke on the beach looking for working wifi and strolled back.

Now we are at Leo’s for Christmas dinner. The local fishermen are still going wild on the beach. Luke is having a whole snapper and I am having a tandoori fish steak. To my surprise the girls both opt for whole fish. To my greater surprise they both deal with the bones and finish them. Irma has tandoori chicken tikka.

We will walk home feeling very, very full.