Thursday, December 20

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Vartiokyläntie, 8:10


Auo’s show yesterday evening was a great success, and she left home very happy. Today they are going to clean the classroom and watch a video. We are walking down the road to the bus stop and we have just passed three trucks and a snow-scooper working flat-out to clear the pavements. The scenery is primarily monochrome again.

I will spend much of the morning in a surprise meeting discussing my PIM strategy and exploring the possibility of making it the subject of both staff training and evening classes. Before this I will make an heroic effort to get my actual PIM system into a demonstrable condition: so whatever the final outcome of the meeting, I will have benefited personally before it even begins.

In the afternoon I will organise my papers, and then attend the Rector’s Christmas Info, where we will get glöggi, joulutorttu, and a big cookery book. I will have a chat with Henrik, and with Raisa who who will resigned an hour before our conversation.