Santa Claus 2012

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POSTED: December 17, 2012

This year, for the second year running, I was Santa Claus at the Sundö Christmas Fair, which is part of the Pellinge yuletide celebrations. Last year there was no snow and I wandered up and down from the farm to the road, welcoming people and giving candies to the children. This year the snow was thick on the ground as I repeated the process.

There was also an almost continual fall of fresh snow, and howling gales from time to time to blow it into my face.

Ho ho ho, vill du ha karamell?

The children were a mixture of Swedish and Finnish speaking with a smattering of English speakers. Fortunately they were all too awe-struck or frightened to quiz me much in any language, and so I was tri-lingually convincing.

Or not.

During my four hour performance I posed for about eight obligatory photos in which the children tried to hide the fear flickering across their faces. I loved every moment of it, including the glöggi, the sausages and the deer soup that followed.

I have already volunteered for next year.