Friday, December 14

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Arcada, 15:30


Auo began her day with gym at Myllypuro and so she was happy to find Silja on the bus. They got off at Itäkeskus and got the metro back towards Kontula. I walked down and sat in the back of the metro, a luxury not usually afforded to me. Unlike the front it has seats available, and no long walk at Sörnäinen.

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon with a small group of dedicated mobile app makers. Tony had a very obscure problem about using localStorage which I managed to solve and, since the solution will interest more people than the two of us, I also posted [linker post=”2391″ label=”a note”].

To get the post to work I finally reneged on my aim of having no front-facing plugins on this site. I installed a plugin to format the code into some readable form, having failed to get the <pre> element to display properly (or at all). I shall have to remove this later!

Now I am walking back from the staff room, where I have grabbed two tangerines and a teabag. The light from the snow is turning the outside world an otherworldly blue. When I get back and start boiling water Kauko will point out that it is three weeks since we have seen any sun. I will check this diary and discover that he is correct.