Thursday, December 13

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Sörnäinen, 9:45


Despite my good intentions, I did not arrive home from the pikkujoulu sober last night. Irma was not happy. This morning Naa went to school from Kamppi and I stayed with Auo until she left for school at 9:15. We walked to Alepa and waited for a 95.

Now I am waiting for a tram. The trams have obviously had some problems, since a large number are racing past on their way directly to the tram-hall. When the number 6 comes it will be at a time that bears no relationship to the timetable or the noticeboard. It will also decide not to turn right at Arabianranta but continue up to the Forsby tram-hall.

I will spend the morning writing a series of short papers, before finally turning to my thesis. I will do the same in the afternoon. Every time I look out of the window it will be snowing heavily.

At 17:00 we will begin the Online Media pikkujoulu at Cor-huset, and this time I will remain resolutely sober. I will leave early, feeling like my flu is finally arriving, and then spend almost two hours clearing snow from the drive and the paths.

At various points Arto, Minna and Tommy from the neighbouring houses will also be out doing the same. We will form a line down the road into the woods, as we take our snow and hide it.