Monday, December 10

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Hameentie, 15:30


This morning I left alone. Naa was at Kamppi. Irma had a meeting in Kalasatama, and Auo was going in the car with her.

In the morning I tried to plough through the administration and catching-up in order to begin the next draft of the thesis. In the end I barely managed to complete the preliminaries before the team meeting at 13:15. Time appears to pass very quickly when you have reasons for it not to.

I phoned Irma’s mother at one point for a fairly lengthy chat, because their shower room is flooding again and, reasonably enough in the circumstances, they are in despair.

Now we have finished the team meeting and the sky is on the verge of suddenly darkening. Everything is in a near-monochrome.

Soon I will leave for home where we will race off to collect some logs for winter warmth.