Saturday, December 8

YEAR:  2012 | Tags:  | | |

The living room, 18:10


The skies were a strange monochrome as Auo and I spent two hours snow-blading. Irma was making the traditional Christmas dinner and laying the table with the hereditary crockery and cutlery.

Later Auo and I went to Prisma to get outdoor candles and wine, while the others carried on creating the food and settings for the party. Finally we all retrieved our presents from their hiding places and gathered round the tress to lay them out.

At 16:00 Irma’s parents and sister arrived, and we spent a couple of hours having a huge Finnish Christmas, with a turkey roast replacing the homemade ham that Irma’s mother used to bring.

Now we are going getting ready to open the presents which will last until the taxi arrives to whisk Irma’s parents away. Irma and I will open a bottle of sparkling wine and sit listening to the Vain Elamää and Erin cds she got as presents.