Thursday, December 6

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Vartioharjuntie, 14:20


Today is Independence Day and a public holiday. Irma had been at Tarkku’s until late last night, so we started the day late.

Once we were up I spent several hours snowblading, and then Irma went to Plantagen. The snow was falling heavily and a truck and trailer were completely stuck, blocking the entrance road. A huge tow-truck was making efforts to get them out.

Now I have finished and it is my turn to walk to Plantagen. The truck is back on the road although it is now stuck at an angle across it. The tow-truck is parked right across the main road, stopping the traffic.

Oh, the excitement of winter!

At 18:00, we will light our two candles in the window, and spend most of the evening watching the President’s Ball on television. After the girls have gone to bed we will wrap some final presents.