Saturday, May 18

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Workroom, 16:30


Yesterday afternoon, as I stood on top of the ladder washing the roof of the terrace, I began to feel faint. By the time I finished the roof and climbed down the ladder the feeling had developed from woozy to positively wobbly. I sat down and ate and ice cream.

Eventually I went to bed early and woke up in the night in a swamp where someone had obviously thrown several buckets of cold water over me. I had a temperature of nearly 40 degrees centigrade.

Today the heatwave continues outside, Irma does garden work unimpeded, and I sit in the workroom alternatively taking clothes off because I feel boiling hot and putting them back on again because I have started shivering.

Somewhere in all of this I notice a keyring that used to belong to Auo. I have no idea why it has found its why into this room but it has.