Wednesday, May 15

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Garden, 14:54


Next week we will leave Helsinki for a short break, and so this morning I finished editing next week’s podcast. Fortunately I had already done most of the level balancing and so an hour passed and I had finished.

The weather had decided to impersonate midsummer and so I put some shorts on and went off to find tasks to do outdoors. I washed birdshit off walls and swept the road, pulled buds and leaves from the spaces between the planks in the terrace, and lowered the back wheels on the mower.

I also sat with the audio recorder and experimented, to try to find the cause for my recent failures to produce crystal clear recordings. In the sense that I produced a crystal clear recording to serve as the introduction ot next week’s podcast, I succeeded. In the sense that I finished feeling confident I had discovered the root cause of my error, I failed.

At some point I pick up my camera for a similar bout of experimentation and take this photograph from inside a clay pot standing in the bright sunlight.