Tuesday, December 4

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Keskuskatu, 16:45


It was so cold this morning! Naa was with us, and we were joined by Minna at the bus stop. Nobody risked opening their mouths to speak.

I have spent all day teaching. This Friday will be part of a long Independence Day weekend, and so I have moved Frdiay morning’s class to this afternoon. I spent the morning with Year 2 who worked on their web sites and this afternoon with Year 3, who worked on their mobile apps.

Now I am briefly in the centre doing some Christmas shopping before returning to make some alterations to this site. I am looking at Stockmann looking very festively back at me.

Soon I will finish the category pages on this site. I was inspired to do this by way of answering a question this morning. The category oages have been unfinished for year, merely showing a bare unformatted listing. By the time I leave for home at 21:30 they will have dividing headings between each letter for the alphabetically sorted page, and between each month for the date-sorted page.

I will surprise myself by my apparent ability to write error-free php…