Monday, April 22

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Tower Hill, 15:12


I had not realised until today that the unwary user has the possibility of using the Citymapper app in such a way that you end up walking in entirely the wrong direction. This relies on user idiocy. It depends upon the user imagining that they have asked the app to show them the way one crucial finger-press before it will actually show you the way.

If you have decided to wander around sightseeing this you may decide that this does not matter. If the sky decides to adopt what meteorologists call the drizzling position, while you walk in entirely the wrong direction, then your attitude may change.

I never intended to view The Tower of London in the rain but I do.

While getting wet I switch to Google Maps to discover that it will take me 27 minutes to walk back to the the tube station I confidently expected to find 6 minutes away.