Saturday, December 1

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Garden, 14:10


The seminar finished with a meal of oven salmon after a very interesting morning discussion about the finnish tendency to licence culture. The metros in Helsinki are not working this weekend because the signals are being replaces, and Veli-Matti Saarinen kindly gave me a lift right to our door, because he lives in Vuosaari and wanted to do some shopping in Itäkeskus.

There was a fierce snowstorm all night in Helsinki and along the south coast, and the girls have been working all morning to clear some paths. In thirty minutes Irma and Naa will disappear to Prisma and I will climb on the roof to get rid of all the overhanging snow. Since yesterday was the first alcohol-free doctoral seminar that I have attended I will be in a fine state to do this.

Later we will sit indoors feeling very wintry.