Thursday, March 21

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Suvilahti, 12:34


I spend the later part of the morning with Nicke Hallgren discussing the relative merits of Dropbox, Nextcloud, and other more complex backup and syncing options. We then touch upon password managers. Nicke uses Keepass and a complex system of syncing involving Syncthing, and I use Bitwarden.

At midday I grab Jutta and we go for lunch in the sushi place in Arabia mall known as Kuwano. We both had more sushi than a person should have and still managed to find room for some of the limitlrss ice cream.

Later I walk to Pixelache and discover exactly how big they have made the roadworks for the new tram line that will go from somewhere to somewhere else. The ten minute walk takes me almost an hour and includes a period when I get lost on the top of a hill, from which I have to scramble down over a fence, down a steep hill, and through parked trucks.

The view from the top of the hill alerts me to the fast approaching fog. When I finally leave Pixelache just after 19:00 the tops of the nearby buildings have disappeared.

I do not recall this as normal. Perhaps I do not get out enough.