Thursday, November 29

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Hameentie, 15:20


I left everyone asleep and left when the cat woke me at 6:30. It had obviously been snowing all night and the ground looked as though we had left autumn and arrived at winter. It was snowing very hard when I walked to the bus.

I spent the morning making the final presentation, and then had a lunchtime meeting about UN spreadsheets with Gusse, Lars, Johnny and Jutta. By the end we had found the glimmerings of a project we might possibly work on next year.

Now I have finished and complied the slideshows. Looking through them, I think they may have wandered a little from the original intention, but hopefully tomorrow the original intention will follow along after them. I am downstairs looking out at the snow on the roads.

It has been snowing all day, it is still snowing, and it shows no signs of stopping.