Sunday, January 7

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Vavvamoola, 16:15


I visited the Subash Centre today with the DGD team to see how the girls using Minecraft had found it, and what they had done there. They have found ways of happily fighting each other, but they have also begun to work cooperatively. Some of them passed axes and torches to each other, which I could see through the text flow on my screen.

I think I will introduce them to scripting powerful tools for themselves in a week or two. I have almost finished a tunneling tool that creates railway tunnels with powered rails in any direction and at any length. I now need to work out how best to explain it.

We all take rickshaws to Vavvamoola for the second session of the afternoon. I spot these hanging plants and ask about them. Nobody knows their name although Farhan comes up with something by taking a photo and googling. They feel very soft to the touch, almost like wool.

Nobody recognises the name Farhan comes up with.