Monday, November 26

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Takkahuone, 21:30


Auo and I left for school and work at 8:05 and after that everything went downhill. I had computer problems and network problems most of the morning which neatly reduced the time I had allowed for constructing my presentation to zero. In the end I got up and left. I walked to the library to collect a cd I had ordered and then walked back. That way I got some thinking time, and convinced myself that it was a better approach.

After lunch we had a team meeting in which we spent a long time looking at a statistical analysis of the replies we had (or had not) given to the consultants measuring our satisfaction. The graphs were all neatly contrasted with the results of the answers we gave (or didn’t give) last year. Apparently we like listening to our opinions being fed back to us as percentages defined by consultants due to the lovely shining scientific gloss they gain.

When the team meeting finished I sped to Herttaniemi to collect our Indian visas which went without a hitch. We all have visas again.

Now, having listened to Auo rehearsing with her cello, answered a series of homework-related questions about the Pharaohs, and done the ironing, I am sitting in front of the fire watching the old cartons burn, thinking about what I could do tomorrow if my laptop lets me.

Experiment is showing that the best setting for photographing the flames is the one intended for photographing children. Certainly it is more detailed than my previous attempt.

Who would have guessed?