Saturday, November 24

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Kulosaari School, 12:00


Auo left for school at 8:15, and Irma and I arrived at the school at 10:30. It was School Fair Day. At 11:00 the fair began and Auo’s class, 5B, have set up their waffle stall. I am one of the parents supervising, and by midday waffles are in full swing.

Irma is working on the Parents Association lottery, and by the end I will have won a cd by Tapani Rine, recorded in various temples in India.

Later we will visit Prisma and Marimekko, and I will fall asleep at about 23:00 while watching episode 6 in a marathon rerun of Vain Elämää, in which a bunch of Finnish singers live in the woods and each host a day in which the others sing their songs.

It is a lot more interesting than that description makes it sound.