Sunday, October 29

YEAR:  2023 | Tags:  | | |

KS Road, 13:45


I arrive in KS Road for the second time in two days. Today I have come to observe the DGD session in the Subash Centre where we have just restarted Minecraft sessions for those who have completed all three levels of the Scratch course.

I see one of the street dogs lying around relaxing.

Microsoft have relaxed some of the criteria for Minecraft Education Edition and connecting to a network has become much more practical. Not quite easy, but possible.

We manage to get four girls exploring the same world. The last time we did this (before the pandemic) we had a mixed group and the result was a boys vs girls war inside the world. I blamed the boys for this at the time, and speculated about what the girls would do if they went into Minecraft on their own.

This afternoon, as soon as the four girls got into the world, and could see each other, a girl vs girl war erupted with rapidly shifting alliances. I decided I had been too hasty in forming my opinions earlier.