Sunday, October 1

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Garden, 15:12


We have a problem with the auma at the front of the house and I have gone up the stepladder to check the drains.

I do not know the English word for auma, and I have only Irma’s word that the word actually exists. Google Translate doesn’t recognise it, unless I have spelled it wrongly. In our minds it means the L-shaped piece of gutter that connects two straight pieces of gutter on the inside join at the front of our house.

Whatever the word one of the joints has a leak and I have come up the ladder to see if I can identify the cause. Probably I can.

To assist me in explaining this to the man at K-Rautta when I go there this week to ask what I need to fix it, I decide to take a photograph. It turns out a lovely abstract image but nothing you would show an itinerant handyman when explaining your drainage problems…