Sunday, November 18

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Home, 15:00


Before breakfast I did some raking. After breakfast we went to Prisma to buy ingredients for pies. Now we are waiting for Susanne and Arto to arrive with Marja for a pie-eating visit. I am looking through the illuminated ring in the living room at the leaf-free garden.

In an hour or so we will play Ubongo. We have apparently owned this for four years but I have never played it. It turns out to be a game that I really enjoy since it is a kind of visual sudoku. I shall play it again.

Later Irma and I will drive to Prisma to buy a connecting lead for the old printer because Marja would like it.

When everyone leaves Naa will go with them to Kamppi, Auo will have a shower, Irma and I will watch the news to see if SAS have gone bankrupt, and everyone will go to bed.