Wednesday, November 14

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Arabianranta, 16:30


This morning the three of us left early. Auo had more footballs for the class and was less than happy about this. Yesterday they had fallen out of the bag and caused chaos, and she confidently predicted a repeat occurence for today.

I spent much of the day editing old writing in another attempt to make sense of the second part of my thesis. This time I had major computer problems that turned out to work to my dvantage. The network was flaky and so I was forced to use my iPad. The result was two hours working with IndexCard, which turned out to be exactly what I needed at that moment. By 15:00 I had the seven chapters rearranged as fifteen problems, and I felt confident that the structure now made sesne. Everything was now included, and everything was included once.

I printed out the Indian visas again, because I had failed to sign the form completely inside the box. Now I am waiting for a tram and watching a passing bus.

Soon I will be at home ironing and trying to learn the basics of linear equations to help Naa prepare for her maths test. I have to help her over the weekend, which means I will have to do more cramming than her…