Friday, November 9

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Arcada, 16:05


Auo left the house with a full rucksack because she is having a sleepover at Niilia’s tonight, with six other girls. Sleepover is probably not going to be a very accurate term for the event.

I began the day by emailing all the students to warn them that the Screenfly domain might collapse over the weekend because, unless it was renewed today, it will expire on Sunday. Back up now or you are doomed, I shouted.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon with a smaller-than-usual Mobile Apps course. We began this year’s version of the Powerpuff Girls app for iOS devices. Next week we will finish it off and add live updates of the information on the back of every trading card. We might even make a proper collectible card game, by loading visible properties in and out.

I has a meeting in the afternoon with Tony and Maija who are planning on building the first proper version of Snowcastle Valley for their thesis projects. We began planning in detail what this will actually entail.

Finally, Tommy raced into the room and we rushed off to Nanne’s office. She had the means of paying for the Screenfly renewal and she was leaving for the weekend in five minutes! Holy moley, Batman!

Now I am walking back to my desk, past the impromptu student celebration of this week’s American election results. I will email the students again warning them that panic is now unnecessary, and then leave for home and the weekend shopping.