Thursday, April 27

YEAR:  2023 | Tags:  | |

Redi, 15:45


I have spent the morning at a four-hour workshop called S|CARE which looked at creating or developing fluency in care, in organisations and informal interactions. I had not understood that it would continue after lunch, and I had arranged to meet Andrew.

So reluctantly I left, having met several people I hope I will meet again.

I arrive at Suvilahti thirty minutes early so I decide to wander around Redi, imagining I will compare it to Ainoa. Instead I fins myself wandering around an exhibition of remarkable wild life photography on the second floor. Konsta Punkka took the photographs in various places in the Nordics and in Holland.

According to the caption underneath the photograph, he took this one, called Bear and wolf in a snowy wilderness, in Finland 2020.