Friday, November 2

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Arcada, 15:50


The Android version of Pocket Informant had drained my phone of battery in the night so the alarm didn’t go off. Fortunately I have become so habituated to waking early that I woke at 6:44, realised that the phone was dead and got up to look at the time, just as the kitchen clock moved to 6:45 making it official getting-up time.

I have spent the whole day leading the first Mobile Apps session. For timetabling reasons these are going to be all-day Friday workshops. We finished a few minutes early due to a mas outbreak of brain fatigue.

Now I am sitting at my desk eating my second apple of the day, and spinning round in my chair. My towel is still hanging up from my last go in the gym. It is hanging on the cupboard rail from which the cupboard curtain droops.

Tomorrow is a religious holiday and the shops will be shut so later, when I have got home through the grey rain, we will join the rest of Helsinki in a wine-and-beer panic buying spree.