Wednesday, October 31

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Arcada, 15:20


This morning there was thick frost on the ground when the three of us left at 7:10. We travelled in the brief period when the sky goes from dark, to red, to blue.

This morning I prepared the Mobile Apps class, and made preliminary sketches for the handouts for next week’s evening classes, if enough people book for them and they actually run. I handed Tommy some invoices, checked a few items off my task list, and marvelled at the destruction of New York by a hurricane code-named Sandy that has absolutely nothing at all to do with systemic changes in weather patterns due to global warming.

At 13:15 I handed out USB sticks and gave the annual lecture to the first year about the benefits of using open source software from As usual this finished with the issue of security, the benefits of either Lastpass or KeyPass, and the intolerance they will bump into if they ever tell me they have lost their passwords to anything they need.

Now I am looking at an antique Sony DVCam that is on display in the student resting space. Outside the morning rain has stopped and the sky is bright blue.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon experimenting with Google web fonts to determine their practical limitations on my iPad, as well as the possible jarring page-update effect of downloading them to use on body type.