Tuesday, October 30

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Värtiokyläntie, 7:10


We are out of the house and on our way to the bus stop. It is dawn. Unlike last night, the sky does actually look like this.

I will spend the morning teaching the first session of the second part of Advanced Web App. We will begin looking at applying grid-based design to web pages. I will spend the afternoon with Jutta working on coordinating the practical examples in our courses, so they work together better. We will realise that the best way of doing this is to compile a definitive up-to-date book list for the course, get the library to stock it, the staff to read it, and base our courses around talking the same book-derived language.

I will spend the evening at the 5B Halloween Party at Östis, being the man in charge of the duck apples. I will be wearing a monster costume to Auo’s embarrassment.