Monday, November 21

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Riskupuisto, 9:34


The snow seems to have stopped so I go for a walk to take the paper rubbish to the container in Raitamäentie. I turn and walk the length of the road. The snowploughs have worked here this morning but nobody has yet spread gravel so the ploughing has not yet improved anything.

I think that I might turn right towards the park and photograph the roundabout but some dog owners stand chatting and for some reason that makes me keep going to the end of the road, where I turn right and then finally right again into the park.

I do, after all, photograph one of the seats on springs that stand abandoned in the snow. I do this most winters at one point or another, and every time they remind of Auo when I took her down here for a few years after we moved here, before she began riding her bike up and down the road on her own.

When I get home I will spend ten minutes clearing the pile of snow the snowplough has left across the front of our drive before heading into the warm.

When I sit down to begin writing I will look out of the window and notice that the snow has started in earnest again.