Saturday, November 19

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

Runeberginkatu, 15:45


The snowstorm took its time arriving but finally appeared this morning. I went for a morning walk as small flakes dropped lazily from the sky and returned home through a thick curtain of heavy snow.

I have come to the centre and I find myself walking down Runeberginkatu wondering whether the record shop next to Tavastia has a copy of the new Dean Torrence compilation Teammates. Nobody in the twenty first century actually needs a collection of tracks by Dean Torrence that never actually became hits, or even got released in some cases, but it does contain two never-heard-before tracks by California, the group he allegedly formed with Terry Melcher and Bruce Johnston in the early seventies, and I would like to hear those. I suspect that they will do most of the work, but we will see.

The snow has stopped for the moment. I look around at the white nothingness. Cars drive slowly and the snow has that fresh look that makes everything seem like a Christmas card. It also deadens sounds so that everything sems slightly unreal.