Saturday, October 22

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Shangumugham Beach, 16:00


We ask Rajeev to drive us to the Old Coffee House. If I had remembered how far it was I might have suggested going by car. I have ambivalent feelings about racing down the National Highway at speed in a rickshaw driving as fast as it can.

We get to the Old Coffee House to find ourselves confused by where we find ourselves. We then realise that the beach road has literally disappeared, replaced by a huge pile of sand and some renovation works. We had arrived at what used previously to count as the back. We walk through rows of stalls selling snacks and cheap toys. It reminds me of the beach approach at any number of English seaside towns.

I have a special falooda: made special apparently by the inclusion of cornflakes. I like it so much that a spill some on my t-shirt.