Thursday, October 25

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Sörnäinen, 17:00


This morning a small group from the CMS course finished their projects. The rest of the group were either finishing them in another part of the world or doing something else entirely.

I had a lunch at Arcada that consisted of five frankfurters and a pile of boiled potatoes smothered in HP sauce. I remembered why I don’t do this too often anymore.

Having spent the afternoon in a whirlwind of email-writing and administration, I waited fifteen minutes for a tram, which was then full, and am now at Sörnäinen. I will find that I wait more than ten minutes for a metro and then stand, baked bean style, in an overstuffed carriage. This is so unusual that I notice it.

Later we will have a family outing to Prisma where we will fail to buy enough milk.