Tuesday, September 20

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Garden, 13:57


Today I did several things at once and made modest successes of all of them. More accurately I kept several things in mind and did them in a kind of measured rotation.

I moved the thing I had dug up yesterday, although not to its final position, because I have no idea where it will choose for a final position. The thing took much longer to remove than I expected because it proved much more deeply buried than I remembered.

I had originally found it in the aftermath of some major roadworks and brought it home to house the pole for the washing line. I then had to concrete the pole into the hole to stop the washing line from wobbling. What we have here, then, consists of a pole holder with a washing line pole successfully concreted into it.

A sculpture perhaps.

Next to it lies an exercise ball that has lived on the terrace all summer and will now retire gracefully to the bike shed for the winter, because nobody will want to do anything on the increasingly cold and wet terrace until Spring.