Saturday, September 3

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Garden, 16:11


While we spent time traversing the north of England a bizarre storm hit Finland. It apparently only lasted ten minutes or so, but it featured huge winds and hailstones the size of oranges.

The clear plastic roof of Minna’s terrace next door has been punctured as fruit sized hailstorms tore through it. It looks as though a comic-book Spitfire has torn holes in it. The washing line at the back of our house has had an arm ripped off and will need replacing. I regard this as bad news because I concreted this one into the ground and taking it out will require some effort.

And even worse: some thinking.

Even odder than all this: a badger has explored our garden and discovered (smelled?) a wasp’s nest hidden inside the compost bin. It has dug underneath and got at the nest. This resulted in us both getting a large amount of wasp bites when Irma went out to throw away some compost and I went out to rescue her from wasps.