Thursday, August 4

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Tyynenmerenkatu, 10:32


This morning I polished Auo’s old bike, which has laid in the shed since she died. By that time she had actually got a newer one, an adult bike which now lives in Pellinge. She used the one in the shed for several years, though, and now it will get ridden again: this time by a nine year old girl who has arrived in Finland as a refugee from Ukraine and now lives in Vartiokylä.

After this I get my own bike and cycle to Puotila metro where I get the train to Ruoholahti. From there I walk to Jatkasaari where I receive my fourth Covid vaccine: my first booster of the year.

The entrance of the hall takes me out the back and along the shore where I stop to photograph the harbour. I think I photographed this last time I had a Covid vaccine. This time, though, I catch it in the sunlight.