Wednesday, June 22

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Garden, 21:46


No sooner had I finished The Thin Man but I found an older Penguin edition of The Maltese Falcon. I decided to read that immediately to see if I found any significant differences in his style or his approach. Yes I did. The Maltese Falcon has a much more convoluted plot, and a protagonist who has a much less amused view of life. The book also contains a lot more descriptions of the physical characteristics of the characters as a means of conveying something about their inner life.

I read in the afternoon sun and later in the evening sun. Today we have the summer solstice and Midsummer will officially arrive this weekend. Allegedly we will have the hottest midsummer for more than fifty years.

The light never stops at this time of year. I stand in the garden and photograph the sky just before 10 pm. The quality of the light has changed since midday, but not the amount of light in the sky.

I can still sit in the garden and read if I want to.