Finland exports education

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POSTED: May 12, 2022

According to Charu Sudan Kasturi in Aljazeera,

Schools offering “Finnish education” are emerging across Indian cities, emphasising activity-based learning, interaction with nature and life skills over textbook-based, test-oriented education. The Academy School (TAS) in the city of Pune adopted a Finnish curriculum last year. Finland International School, also in Pune, will start later this year. FinlandWay, a Helsinki-based preschool provider, is setting up three institutions in Mumbai. There is Nordic High International School in Indore and Ramagya Roots, a pre-school in Noida.

The full story notes that “schooling style is a sharp break from the doctrinaire approach that has long dominated Indian education: Government agencies draw up curricula, teachers and schools have little flexibility to innovate, and students are graded on what they remember rather than what they understand”. You can read it here.