Monday, June 20

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Verandah, 13:31


I spend the morning working on two projects: Miaaw and Snowcastle Valley. I also send some mails about VAKEN. By lunchtime I feel that I have not done enough.

I go out into the verandah, thinking that I will get the paint for some decorating I have in mind. When I get there I notice that I have failed completely to notice the pouring rain.

I pause to photograph a bowl of shells that caught my eye yesterday, and retreat back into the house. I will fail to make contact with Mark who cannot get Zoom to work, and assumes that they have cut him off for some reason.

I had planned to go to the Pixelache picnic this afternoon, but I will begin to feel less than enthusiastic about sitting on wet grass waiting for a fresh downpour. I will decide to wait and see if the weather changes miraculously.

I suspect that it won’t.