Thursday, October 18

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Kamppi, 16:20


I got up very early, having gone to bed reasonably early and slept without interruption.

I spent the morning with the CMS course, who were working away. Maija had a lot of questions about the structure of the theme she is using as a base, which I tried to avoid answering directly, prefering to make elliptical remarks that encouraged her to find out herself. She did, and she got a long way very quickly.

AT lunchtime I had a meeting about a United Nations database that we are being encouraged to experiment with. It was a lengthy lunch meeting, and I promised to set up another one within a month. Next time we will have more people there, and aim to dream up a specific project we can work on collaboratively.

After this I phoned Irma’s mother and went to Kamppi to see how things were. Things were excellent. Irma’s father had slept well and woken up with his gums healed. Naa and I left for home.

While I had been there the weather had changed again, and now we are out of the apartment we are getting wet. It is raining a hard thin drizzle and there is an interestingly murky quality to the light. I am reminded of Christmas, and I would rather not be. I would rather still be thinking of summer.

At home I will make some food and exchange emails with Irma and Auo.