Tuesday, May 24

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | | |

The garden, 8:34


I went to bed quite early last night and then woke at 2:30 to the sounds and sights of a thunderstorm right overhead. It moved away and then circled back and kept lighting up the bedroom until about 4:30 when I fell back asleep.

It started again at about 7:30 and I decided to get up. I had breakfast on the terrace to the sights and sounds of thunder. The noise of the rain would have made conversation almost impossible so I didn’t even bother talking to myself on the grounds that I wouldn’t have heard a word I said.

After breakfast I go into the garden and notice that the flowerbeds have flooded. I have not seen this before. I notice that the road has flooded as well and a fast stream races down the middle towards the anganwadi at the bottom of the hill.

As I settle down to work on the VAKEN handbook the rain stops. As I work I can look out of the window and watch the flowerbeds drying. Unlike paint this will prove interesting. Within an hour the water has sunk into the soil. Within two hours the ground looks like it needs rain.