Friday, April 29

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Rahaath, 18:45


After the club session had finished at SISP I waited for a rickshaw. I had no clear idea if one would come, or indeed if anyone had ordered one for me. Irma’s phone didn’t answer so after a while I decided to walk home. I left SISP, crossed Kovalam Junction and walked down the new slip road. I had got half way to the turning down to Udaya’s house when Raveesh, our new rickshaw driver, turned up and I jumped in.

We decided to eat at Raahath and Sahan joined us. I order Gobi 65 for starters and photograph them when they arrive. The meal will taste as delicious as usual but at the end they will shock us by claiming that they have run out of the ingredients for making faloodas.

Oh no, we say in unison.