Sunday, October 14

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Itäväylä, 15:30


Yesterday evening Naa had some friends round for a supper to celebrate her recent birthday. She cooked salmon and made a fantastic chocolate cake. Roosa and Jennyfer helped. While this was going on I sat and read (or reread, to be accurate) the first two story arcs of Gotham Central to see if they had stood the test of time. They had. They manage a very difficult balance, and get it right. I decided that I should reread them all and write a considered review.

Then at 21:00, after all the girls except Roosa had left and I had driven Jennyfer home (because it suddenly started pouring with rain), and before I went to bed, I read through the first draft of the first section of my thesis.

This morning I got up at 6:45 and started working on it. I have based myself in Auo’s room, because it is unused for the next week and her desk is next to a socket so I can plug my laptop in, and leave it there when I am doing other things. I worked all morning, doing a mixture of editing and rewriting. I took a break to drive Roosa to the metro.

Now my brain is full and I have taken a second, more leisurely, break to get the small amount of shopping that I need to cook Naa and I a meal tonight. We have a large marrow that Irma left. I have bought some mince and some mixed vegetables. I am waiting for the bus, and I notice that the new row of small shops has suddenly filled up. Along with the health supplements shop that has been there for a couple of months, and the tile shop that arrived a couple of weeks ago, there is another health shop of some kind and a caviar house.

I am puzzled. Is there a market for a caviar shop next to Prisma? I understand the health supplements, because I presume people will travel miles for those. Do many people travel miles for caviar?

I suppose we shall see.