Saturday, April 23

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Terrace, 14:41


Yesterday evening I finally had the equipment I needed to carry out an experiment. Several weeks ago I had noticed that Prisma stocked Guinness 0%, which I had read would not appear on supermarket shelves until Guinness had convinced themselves that it tasted exactly like the genuine article. Since then I have never found both alcoholic and non-alcoholic Guinness in stock at the same time.

Yesterday I did.

I started with the proper Guinness and then had the 0% can. Both cans contained whatever widget they use to simulate the taste of draft beer, and I can confirm that both cans tasted like Guinness, in terms of both taste and viscosity.

I think that might well count as the most convincing non-alcoholic beer I have ever tasted.

Today, as I leave the house to recycle the cans I put them on the terrace and photograph them.