Thursday, March 10

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Computer table, 14:53


For some reason my mind blanked yesterday and I got my time differences the wrong way round. I agreed to meet Sahan in Zoom at 14:00 Indian time and put it in my diary for 17:30. Wrong! Fortunately at 10:30 Sahan sent me a message in Signal and I joined him and Simi in the DGD Zoom room.

We had an interesting chat, and planned ahead as best we could. Sahan and I then chatted more generally.

I went back to writing, although slowness has fallen upon me today. Either I have hit a genuinely hard stretch in the narrative or I have momentarily run out of steam. I feel like going for a long walk. At least I do until I look out of the window.

I look down at my desk at the snake’s nest of wires and wonder.