Thursday, March 3

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The drive, 13:57


I spend the morning writing, reading, thinking, and looking out of the window in a repeating circle that I suspect begins at some point to offer diminishing returns.

At 12:45 I go outside and sweep the carport in an effort to guide some of the water from the melting ice off the drive and out into the road. I go outside an hour later to check the mailbox and realise that the carport looks exactly as it did a couple of hours ago.

I set to again understanding that the fresh water will soon give way o even fresher water until the sun goes down and the temperature drops to the point when the ice no longer bothers melting.

I walk round the the side and look at the walkway to the front door that we have come to refer to as the jetty. The ice has melted there a lot and I take a commemorative photograph.