Saturday, February 26

YEAR:  2022 | Tags:  | |

Old Porvoo Road, 16:57


We head off to Lidl in Söderkulla for the second Saturday in a row. The weather has turned sunny but the sun has no intention of leaving. It reluctantly melts a bit knowing that if it hangs on until night then it can happily freeze solid again.

We find more interesting products at Lidl: eye glasses in various strengths with built-in headlamps so that you can use them to read in the dark. We see the bacon chocolate again and this time we buy some. Irma will find it disgusting but I will happily eat it. It does not in fact taste too much like bacon, it just has a salty taste which I like.

On the way home we both notice how quickly the days have lengthened which, along with the sun, makes the record level of snow less depressing. We drive into the sun which hangs very low in the sky and come across these ghostly people standing by the side of the road.

Bad photo, nice image, I say.