Wednesday, February 23

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Kitchen, 12:21


By the time I went to bed last night I had to acknowledge that my arms, shoulders and back all ached from the morning’s snow work. I fell asleep almost immediately because in this case at least soreness equals tiredness.

I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep determined to get back on track with my writing. Before I did that though I had a meeting with Farhan, Snowcastle Valley’s newest coordinator.

We had a very useful Zoom discussion that covered using some aspects of using Zoom and some approaches to creating with Scratch. We looked at a method of attaching a sprite to the mouse pointer which, it seemed to me, would prove a perfect technique for making a Whack A Mole game. In fact it could work in tandem with rewritten and repurposed scripts from the memory game the exists somewhere in the current pdfs.

At 10:00 I did indeed start writing and by 16:00 I had another chapter finished. Or did I? I had time to read it through and realised that I had another couple of points to make, so I will start tomorrow by writings those in.

Somewhere in the middle I did two things by way of a break. Firstly I made myself a lunch that involved a big red pepper and laid it on the table for a moment, which led me to look at it and then photograph it. Secondly I went to the mailbox and spent fifteen minutes trying to unfreeze the lock to check that no mail had arived.

Fifteen cold minutes later I discovered that no mail had arrived.